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Experiential Learning: Equine Facilitated Learning and EQUUS Learning Program

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a non-mounted, hands-on program for students. The clients will learn to care for and interact with horses as well as understand the horse’s behavior and be able to transfer that information to their everyday lives. Some examples of the skills that are taught are grooming a horse in the correct order, memorizing 5 parts of the horse, how to use body language to lead a horse and/or how his or her behavior affects the horse. Sessions can be individual or group and last for 45 minutes. Cost for individual sessions is $65.

Equus Learning Program

Equus is a learning program where adolescents and adults with different learning styles and needs are inspired to discover their strengths through engagement with our horses and farm activities. Horsemanship and human-ship skills are developed by working with our horses through grooming, leading, and guided un-mounted activities. These activities are designed with specific life skills in mind to help foster interpersonal growth, improve communication, confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and teamwork, all while having FUN!

How participants benefit from EQUUS:

• Learn to read body language and other forms of non-verbal communication

• Experience how their own energy and behavior affects the horse and others

• Practice self-regulation

• Practice feeling calm and confident when doing new things

• Experiment with different solutions to solve a problem

• Learn to work in a team

• Learn to understand similarities and difference in personality and behavior among humans and animals