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Steven Werthan Memorial Scholarship Fund


Happiness at the FarmHaving a child with a challenge often places a financial burden on a family. Too often therapy is not covered by insurance. Therefore, it is the goal of Special Strides to help provide all children an opportunity to experience our magic regardless of their financial status.

Fund-a-Child is a sponsorship program that is part of The Steven Werthan Memorial Fund. Fund-a-Child provides financial assistance to those families whose children would not otherwise be able to receive therapy at Special Strides.

Your donation will go directly to benefit these children and their families. The greatest gift in life is giving from your heart and helping others.

Fund-a-Child Levels

$5,000 Sponsor 1 Year of Therapy $650 Sponsor 1 Month of Therapy
$2,500 Sponsor 6 Months of Therapy $450 Sponsor 3 Weeks of Therapy
$1,950 Sponsor 3 Months of Therapy $350 Sponsor 2 Weeks of Therapy
$1,250 Sponsor 2 Months of Therapy $150 Sponsor 1 Week of Therapy


Download a Fund-a-Child Booklet!

Download a Fund-a-Child Form here!

Please contact our Executive Director, Susie Rehr, at SRehr@specialstrides.com if you have any questions.