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Help Our Herd

HELP OUR HERD-  we need $15,000 to replenish our herd.  We found one already….Meet Evie!

In 2020, four of our beloved horses passed. Special Strides is proud to be 23 years old. As  we age so too do our horses. Snuffy, AJ, Pretzal and Sunny were trusted partners in a our therapy team providing movement, sensory organization and friendship for our 140 clients. They are greatly missed and without their specific attributes of size, shape and type of movement we are placed in a position of not being able to service a bulk of our clients. We have been actively looking for members of the herd but horses became a desired commodity during the pandemic and they are basically non-existent and overpriced. Timing is everything!!! A phone call to the Norwegian Fjord Rescue in Minnesota was a match made in heaven!!! Meet Evie!!!!

Evie is a 22 year old Norwegian Fjord mare. Considered unique, she is a Red Dunn color of cream with a red stripe in her mane and tail! In her career she was well taken care of in Wellington, Florida and loved by many children who were attracted to what others would call a “princess horse”. Her owner fell on financial constraints and surrendered her to the rescue knowing they would take care of finding her an appropriate forever home. She was fostered in Tennessee for several weeks and now is enjoying munching on grass in Minnesota!

Her cost is $3500 and her trip to NJ is approximately $2000! Follow her journey and help bring her home!!! 
We NEED your help to replenish our herd!
We estimate our searching for and purchasing additional horses to “fill the hoofs” will be $15,000. 
Thank you for defining the life changes that happen at Special Strides!

Meet Smoky

Meet Smoky, a 16 year old Quarter Horse. Smoky is on trial as we acclimate him to beautiful Congress Hill Farm and helping individuals with special needs.He has to get used to the visual and auditory environment including wooded trails, playgrounds, goats, race horses, indoor riding arena, being led, people flanking his sides, toys and standing still a lot. We are optimistic and hopeful that he will love this work and being a part of our team! We will keep you posted!!!


“A great horse will change your life, the truly special ones define it” -Author Unknown