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Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy


EFP compressed

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is a unique and powerful methodology providing counseling services to those in need.  Often difficult to replicate in an office, the horse is able to provide feedback in a way that enables an individual to investigate their communication strategies and attachment possibilities in an experiential manner.  With the affordances of the equine and the equine environment, changes can be made in the emotional health of individuals with anxiety, PTSD, relationship and anger issues, depression, and those in recovery from abuse.



Horses have always played a part in human interactions whether at work or for pleasure.  Now they are also playing the role of therapeutic medium through Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy.  EFP is a powerful methodology providing, counseling services to those interested in therapy outside of the office setting. The horse can provide feedback in a way that enables the individual to investigate their communication and attachment styles along with their personal strengths. Horses provide honest reflection in the horse/human relationship.  This allows individuals to see their influence on others in a very clear manner, thus fostering change…. Meghan McFadden MSW, LSW


Testimonial on day #1

“I had heard people talk about the power of a horse to transform one’s life.
Until I had my own experience, I could not truly imagine the power.
Martha helped me to be open to the deep healing that occurred during my interaction with this horse.I continued to feel the healing effect for days and weeks and it has given me deeper insight into my own behavior in relationships.” L