Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy


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Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is a unique and powerful methodology providing counseling services to those in need.  Often difficult to replicate in an office, the horse is able to provide feedback in a way that enables an individual to investigate their communication strategies and attachment possibilities in an experiential manner.  With the affordances of the equine and the equine environment, changes can be made in the emotional health of individuals with anxiety, PTSD, relationship and anger issues, depression, and those in recovery from abuse.


“I am so very pleased for this opportunity to work with Special Strides. Being at Special Strides allows me to combine my two passions.  I spent much of my childhood around horses, and I am currently in private practice in psychotherapy and healing. I am able to use horses as partners in promoting growth and self-awareness.   I strongly believe in the experiential process of reaching our best selves; and doing this in relationship with the natural connected nature of horses can be truly transforming.  Horses read our authenticity, and as we connect with them, our true souls emerge, allowing our desires and aspirations for ourselves to become more honest, clear and, consequently, more obtainable……..” Martha Heinkel, MS LCSW

Testimonial on day #1

“I had heard people talk about the power of a horse to transform one’s life.
Until I had my own experience, I could not truly imagine the power.
Martha helped me to be open to the deep healing that occurred during my interaction with this horse.I continued to feel the healing effect for days and weeks and it has given me deeper insight into my own behavior in relationships.” L