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Adaptive Carriage Driving

dreamer website drivingThe Joseph Farrelly Driving program was started at Special Strides in 2008 with two driving horses and a new 4-wheeled carriage. Therapeutic carriage driving offers individuals with physical, cognitive, sensory or emotional conditions the benefits of the motion and emotion of the horse without being on top of the horse. For riders who are unable to mount a horse due to weight, limited balance, fatigue, fear of heights or the inability to sit astride a horse, carriage driving provides a great alternate equine assisted activity.

Carriage driving has many additional benefits such as: a recreational or sporting experience with a horse, development of self confidence and sense of accomplishment, improvement in the cognitive skills of sequencing, direction following, and right/left discrimination. It also offers another opportunity to develop relationships; equine and human.

Cost of adaptive carriage driving session is $80.