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“….Donating can change a person’s life.”  Sarah Griffin, age 9

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“As the executive directors at Special Strides we believe that providing quality physical therapy, occupational therapy, recreational/adaptive riding, therapeutic driving and equine facilitated learning is fundamental to changing lives and improving function.  In fact, Michael, a patient at Special Strides, started walking independently after only 2 sessions when his school therapist told his mom not to expect it for another 6-8 months. We are so glad that we can count on your support throughout the year to enable us to provide over $120,000 of financial assistance annually, loving care of our horses, and high quality services.”

…. Susie Rehr and Laurie Landy, Executive Directors

“…..my life began again when I started receiving physical therapy at Special Strides…. and that is why I give to the scholarship fund”
Alicia, age 44, August 2012


There are many opportunities to provide support to Special Strides–our patients and riders and our horses.


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